Jessica L Miller Counseling

Individual and Family Therapist, Bellevue, WA

Rates & Online Payments

Counseling Rates

  1. One Standard individual 50-minute therapy session - $100
  2. One Student individual 50-minute therapy session - $85
  3. One Family 50-minute therapy session - $150

Basic Payment Policies

  1. Please submit payments at the beginning of each session. If you would like to pay by credit card, I will check the payment has been made online before each session.
  2. I accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.
  3. Credit cards are subject to a $5 service charge in addition to the selected rate listed above.
  4. Returned checks are subject to a $25 Non-Sufficient Funds charge.
  5. Students wishing to receive a student discount, please bring a recent transcript to your initial session.
  6. I do charge in full for a missed session without 24 hours notice, emergencies and illnesses excepted. In the event this occurs, please bring this payment to your next session.


I am an out of network, outpatient provider of therapy services. What this means is that I do not bill insurance directly, but I will provide you with the required documentation so that you can seek reimbursement. As you speak with your insurance company about specifics, some potential questions to ask are:

  1. Does my medical insurance include any mental health coverage for out of network, outpatient providers?
  2. If yes, do I have an out of network deductible and how much of that deductible have I satisfied so far this year?
  3. How many mental health visits are covered in the calendar year?
  4. Are my visits covered in full or does my insurance simply cover a percentage?
  5. Does my insurance require a referral from my primary care physician?
  6. What specific documentation does my insurance company require for me to be reimbursed?

Online Payments

To make a credit card payment, please select the appropriate rate and continue forward with the instructions that follow.

Counseling Rate Options

Directions for using PayPal:

  1. Select the desired rate above and then click the "Buy Now" tab.
  2. You will be routed to the secure Paypal website.
  3. If you have an account, enter your login and password.
  4. If you don't have an account, you can pay with your debit or credit card as a PayPal guest.
  5. Enter and review the information and ensure everything is correct.
  6. Press the "Pay Now" button at the bottom of the page.
  7. You will receive an email confirmation a few minutes after your payment has been made.

Thank you!