Jessica L Miller Counseling

Mental Health Counselor, Bellevue, WA



People wonder, what will I be expected to say? What will be said to me? No matter what we hear about the counseling process, a few things hold consistently true: therapy is personal. It can, at times, be challenging but it holds great potential to heal and change.

Whether it's a fractured relationship, deep depression, mounting anxiety or a grief that seems to never quite subside, seeking help can move you from a place of feeling alone and stuck to a place of growth, change and hope.

The first step in seeking a counselor can often be a difficult one. I hope you'll remember it is also one of great courage. You are daring to believe there is something better for yourself. Whatever your reason for seeking therapy, I hope you are proud of this initial step and I welcome the opportunity to get to know you further.

- Jessica